This terminology does not necessarily adhere to strict technical formality. It is only meant to serve as a reference guide for standardization of their use in the articles. Some of the older versions of articles do not yet comply with this standardization. 

cell a collection of between two to six modules connected to each other via their rectangular bases a matrix element made up of at least three modules that are connected together in such a way as to share a common corner of a partial cube
full cell a matrix element that consists of six modules and does not necessarily include a power cell; a cell that is not full consists of between 2 and 5 modules
complete cell a matrix element made up of six modules (a full cell) and a power cell
pseudo-cell a cell consisting of 2 modules
inverse cell two modules connected to each other via their connecting plates
matrix a group of modules or cells joined together primarily in a pattern
mesh a cell matrix made up of a random arrangement of connections and positions
module one of two fundamental elements that is a component in a matrix cell; an assembly of fabricated components; six modules make a full cell; this assembly consists of two ends connected together by a telescoping shaft, and contains moving parts, actuators, and electronics; one end is a connecting plate that can rotate about the axis of the telescoping shaft and can connect to the connecting plate of another module; the other (cell core fragment) end can connect directly to up to four other modules and a powercell (these four modules form a ring with the powercell in the center), to form the core of a cell, and a sixth module can connect to this core (on the “opposite side”) to form a full cell
powercell one of two fundamental elements that is a component in a matrix cell; a cube-shaped housing for an electrical battery; the position of the conductors on the face of the cubes are arranged in a symmetric pattern that prevents reverse polarity from being possible
module component one of the basic module assembly elements: the rectangular base, universal joint, telescoping shaft (leg), or connecting plate
module assembly a single module, made up of the module components