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Modular Cell System

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Video page - 2/2
Shape Mockups
Shape Mockups


A Modular Self Structuring and Computing System
Self Structuring and Computing System

Electromagnetic Communication and Connection System

A Modular Self Structuring and Computing System
Self Structuring and Computing System
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Structure of a Sub-Module
Leg Thickness Limits Based on Pivoting Ranges and Well Perimeter Edge
Geometrical Cell Dimension Limits and Requirements
Leg Pivot Range Requirement
Pattern for Element Core Electronic Links
Optimal Ratio Calculation for Module Core Assembly Base Component
The Cantilever and a Benefit of Having a Large-Radius Connecting Plate
Chain Articulation Benefit

Module Connection Arrangement Patterns of a Cell
Connecting Plates Alignment Requirement
Lateral Lattice Reconfiguration Using Leg Extending Capabilities
Diagonal Lattice Reconfiguration Using Leg Extending Capabilities
Aligning Legs for Joining Connecting Plates
Basic Module Transfers, Movements, and Connections
Determining the Distance Between the Centers of Two Cells Connected Together
Sensor-Based Distance Determination for Centers of Two Cells Chained Through a Third Cell
Cell Structure Forming Pattern Possibilities

Intermediate Applications
Extending/Retracting Matrix Effect
Matrix Production of Rotational Motion
Making Accelerometers Using Modules in a Matrix

Efficiency Issues
Efficient Module Transfers and Movements
Energy Recovery Method

Description And Reference
Benefits and Advantages
Cube Face Numbering Convention
Components, Moving Parts, and Connectors of a Cell Module
Types of Connections Between Elements

Prototypes Made From Legos, Page 1 Of 3
Prototypes Made From Legos, Page 2 Of 3
Prototypes Made From Legos, Page 3 Of 3
Video Clips of Reconfigurable Module Prototypes Made From Legos
Video Clips of Inductance Transducers


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A general classification of the modular robots
Futuristic Chembots Squeeze Through Small Spaces
HowStuffWorks "How Real Transformers Work"
Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines
Locomotion Capabilities of a Modular Robot with Eight Pitch-Yaw-Connecting Modules
Modular Snake Robots: Anaconda Squeeze!
Reconfigurable Robots towards the Manufacturing of the Future
Self-Reconfigurable and Learning Robots Funded by AFOSR - US Air Force
Self-Reconfigurable Robotics "Tutorial"
Shape-Shifting Robot Nanotech Swarms on Mars - NASA
Shape-shifting robot shows off its moves
Utility Fog: The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of


Flexibility Envelope - blog

Google Groups: Modular Robotics - forum

Google Groups: Self-Reconfiguring and Modular Technology - forum


Self-Reconfigurable Robots: An Introduction (Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents)


Declarative Programming for Modular Robot - IROS07   (PDF)

IROS Workshop - Self-Reconfigurable Robots, Systems and Applications - IROS08

Robotics Science and Systems - RSS05

Robotics: Science & Systems Workshop on Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robots - RSS06

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Flexible Elements with Per Sjoborg


An Asynchronous Reflection Model for Object-oriented Distributed Reactive Systems

An XML-based Scripting Language for Chain-type Modular Robotic Systems

ATRON Hardware Modules for Self-reconfigurable Robotics

Collective displacement of modular robots using self-reconfiguration

Concurrent metamorphosis of hexagonal robot chains into simple connected configurations

Design of a Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot

Distributed locomotion algorithms for self-reconfigurable robots operating on rough terrain

DynaGraph : a Smalltalk Environment for Self-Reconfigurable Robots Simulation

Experiment Design for Stochastic Three-Dimensional Reconfiguration of Modular Robots

Fluidic Stochastic Modular Robotics: Revisiting the System Design

Generic Decentralized Control for a Class of Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Hierarchical Motion Planning for Self-reconfigurable Modular Robots

Hormone-Inspired Self-Organization and Distributed Control of Robotic Swarms

MAAM : Molecule = Atom | Atom+ Molecule

Modeling Lattice Modular Reconfigurable Systems with Space Groups

Multiagent Control of Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Reconfiguration Planning for Heterogeneous Self-Reconfiguring Robots

Reconnectable Joints for Self-Reconfigurable Robots

New Website Posting! (August 3, 2010):
Roombots—Mechanical Design of Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robots for Adaptive Furniture

Towards a common comparison framework for global-to-local programming of self-assembling robotic systems


Atron - list

Ckbot modular self assembly - YouTube

Concept of 3-D Self-reconfigurable Mechanical System - Self-assembling Many-unit Structure

Modular Robots - YouTube

MTRAN3 Modular Robot - YouTube

M-Tran II



Self-Reconfigurable Robots and Digital Hormones - YouTube

Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm - YouTube

Superbot - A fully morphing modular robot - YouTube

translational cantilevered module transfer


Cube-shaped Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Distributed Robotics Lab: The Self-Reconfiguring Robotic Molecule - academic

Distributed Self-reconfiguration of 3-D Homogeneous Modular Structure

Dynamic Physical Rendering

Locomotion with a Unit Modular Reconfigurable Robot

Modular Robotics

Modular Robotics Lab - academic

M-TRAN (Modular Transformer)

preprints - geometric / topological robotics... - Robert Ghrist - academic

Robotics Design Inc. - manufacturer

Rus Robotics Laboratory - Research: Modular Self-Reconfiguring Robots

Self-Reconfigurable Robots - Sam Slee - academic

Self-Reconfigurable Robots Get It Together

USC-ISI Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory

Wrestling with robot snakes


Cube Revolutions

Molecubes For Everyone

Programmable matter - Wikipedia

Robotics: Exotic Robots: Modular and fractal Robots

Self-Reconfiguring Modular Robotics - Wikipedia

Utility fog - Wikipedia

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